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Due to the need of creating a mechanism that works on extending bridges of collaboration between two important regions with a solely commitment to Economic Advancement, we launched the initiative for Arab-Latin America Business Council in 2012 to serve as a path finding authority strengthening economic integration, increasing trade exchange, searching investment opportunities, and enhancing the cooperation and interrelationship between Arab and Latin American countries in all economic sectors
ALABC is non-profit business organization, composed of Arab and Latin American Ministries, Organizations, Associations, Unions, Chambers and Companies

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as an unparalleled bond for advancing the economic relationships and contributing to a valuable business development between Arab and Latin American countries

Our Objectives

ALABC aims at:

* Fostering, developing and expanding economic and business relations between Arab and Latin American countries
* Actively working to attract foreign direct investment by conducting effective policy advocacy, undertaking various trade promotion initiatives, providing ongoing updates on the business climate in both regions and helping develop strategic relationships among private sectors and governments
* Holding conferences, forums, seminars and exhibitions as well as organizing trade missions to encourage, increasing, communication and business activity between the two regions
* Providing advice and information on Arab €“ Latin America economic relations based on the views of council members to officials of both regions
* Expanding business ties between both regions by providing opportunities for council members to meet senior executives and discuss business and government policy matters of common interest
* Increasing public understanding about the importance of the economic relationship between the two regions through public meetings, reports and press releases

Our Goals

To accomplish our goals we

* Assist members developing their relations with their counterparts in the other side and provide means of communication between business communities in both regions
* Facilitate growth for members' companies in both regions by developing programs and activities that create business development opportunities for both regions
* Interact with Arab and Latin American governmental authorities, business development authorities, along with the private sector to improve the knowledge of the business opportunities in both regions and provide greater insight and access to opportunities for trade and investment between both markets
* Provide valuable and competitive advantages for Arab and Latin American members by gathering, analyzing and disseminating information that will improve their knowledge and understanding of trade and investment opportunities
* Support, promote and encourage trade, investment, technical and economic cooperation between both regions
* Provide members with reliable business information.

Why Joining ALABC?

Provide assistance in order to expand your business and connections through:


ALABC hosts different and special events throughout the year presenting a good networking opportunity for members to interact with prominent figures from different sectors in both regions. Events such as luncheons, dinners and roundtable discussions as well as organizes international conferences, forums, workshops and exhibitions.


ALABC's committees, each focusing on a particular sector or area of interest, provide a forum for ALABC members to raise issues about the business climate. Prominent guest speakers from the government, international agencies and the private sector are invited to discuss issues of concern or provide updates on new developments aiming to encourage trade and improve business environment.

Trade Mission

ALABC Trade missions represent a cornerstone of ALABC€™s proactive approach. The mission is usually headed by a Minister as well as representatives of different concerned ministries, government officials and business in different sectors. The goal of our mission is to portray the business atmosphere in attempting to find ways to increase trade exchange, also to establish and reinforce the relationship between the two regions. Our meetings serve to introduce new companies to these rapidly expanding markets as well as to enhance relations. The mission is intended to assist the participants€™ experienced companies doing more business through holding B2B meetings, conferences.

ALABC Website

ALABC website is an attractive channel for reaching your target customers from high-quality, business-oriented viewers. We offer Ads placement with competitive prices and special discounted rates for our members.

ALABC Newsletter

ALABC newsletter is a periodical publication that covers a broad spectrum of economic subjects of relevance to foreign investors, interviews with leading figures representing success stories in business and a special section covering ALABC events and activities. It is distributed mainly to ALABC members, guests, different business areas such as banks, hotels, embassies, ministries and government.

ALABC Directory

All members & their companies are featured in this complete referenced directory, providing addresses, phone numbers, company description and other useful information. The directory also lists government ministries and other authorities and is published annually.

ALABC Advertising spaces

The advertising spaces serve as a marketing tool helping companies to post their Ads and special announcements ensuring they will be viewed by top-notch business professionals at competitive prices.

ALABC Membership

ALABC s' activities focus on the needs of its members, who are drawn primarily from the private sector, member companies and multinationals as well as not-for-profit organizations. The Membership Services Department conducts orientation meetings to familiarize new members with ALABC€™s full range of activities and benefits. Through the department€™s Quality Benefits Program, member companies receive special services or preferential discounts to fellow ALABC members, hotels, restaurants and airfares.

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ALABC Family


H. H. Prince Fahad Bin Migrin Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud


H. H. Sheikh Falah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Vice President

H. E. Dr. Salah Abou El Magd

Founder & Secretary General

Miss. Sarah El Gohary

S. G. Assistant


H. E. Ambassador Nelson Aleides Mora Rodas

H. Board Member

Eng. Yahia Al Shamaly

H. Board Member

Mr. Felipe Koch Veiga

H. Member

Mr. Fernando Foletto

H. Member

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